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Weddings, corporate banquets, formal galas, premieres, picnics, and garden parties - we organize catering at any location you specify, be it the historic Forteca, the Kubicki Arcades, or the Royal Castle.

We treat each assigned task individually. The proposed menu is the result of a creative collaboration between ethnic restaurant chefs and Polish catering chefs. Our catering stands for good product origin, chef creativity, modern catering equipment, qualified service, passion, and experience.

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Marzena Gromelska

Justyna Ziuta Prokop

Marzena Gromelska

Justyna Ziuta Prokop

Zakoczymska 12

00-225 Warsaw

Our venues

Our three event locations:
Zakroczymska 12
Arkady Kubickiego
below the Royal Castle
Chłodna 31
Our three event locations:

Parties and events
at your place

Special events tailored to the individual needs of our clients are the most enjoyable part of our work. It requires creation and experience. And it gives us great satisfaction. 

Our memories are full of anecdotes about slow elevators at the Palace of Culture (receptions on the top floor), slippery stairs and the basement at the National Museum ("Spragnieni Piękna" balls for 400 people), distances at the Horse Racing Track (picnic for 3000 people), bureaucracy of French officials (City of Warsaw booth at the Real Estate Fair in Cannes), and a cloud burst over the garden where we had just finished setting up buffets for 250 people.

Past events

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